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The best deal for unlimited car wash in Fort Lauderdale

If you love to wash you car everyday and you want to get it fast with big savings, this is definitely the best choice you can have !

Our Car Wash is located in the middle of Broward County east of i95 on Oakland park Blvd. (10 minutes driving north on Andrews Ave from Fort Lauderdale downtown, 10 minutes from Lauderdale by the sea and 10 minutes from south Pompano beach). We have 12 free self vacuum stations with powerful vacuum and a 100 feet long tunnel with automated car wash with the latest technologies of the car wash industry. Partnered with Lustra Chemicals we offer the best car wash experience you can get in Fort Lauderdale. Our car wash packages had been chosen by our best Customers. We now offer the Hot Wax car wash as voted the best car wash package and most referred at $16 single wash or ($34.99 with monthly subscription for unlimited car wash). Our tunnel is not only a state of the art car wash machine with great chemicals, but it's also a great lightning car wash show depending the package you choose.

Why should you choose the Unlimited membership?

Choosing the unlimited car wash plan give you the freedom to wash your vehicle as much as you like without fearing the rain or the birds leaving you presents on the car.

As a member sign up for unlimited car wash subscription, the pay station registers the license plate and opens you the gate anytime you check in (only limitation 1 wash per day).

How do I cancel my plan?

If you decide to cancel your plan you can either do on this website, or write us an email or call the facility to have your plan recharge stopped. You can still use the plan till the day of renewal, which it will not occur after your cancellation.

Example: if you subscribed the unlimited car wash plan January 14th 2022 and you would like to stop it because you leave for a while the city on April 20th 2022, you can cancel the plan anytime till the 13th of the month to avoid the recharge that occurs every 14th of every month. 


No fees or penalties are applied for cancelling the plan.

Can I use one plan on multiple cars?

If you have multiple vehicles you have to signup one membership for each vehicle. The membership cannot be transferred to other vehicles without the approval of the office (for example when you sell your vehicle the new car must be entered in the software by a manager).

Where do I manage my unlimited car wash plan?

Here is the link to our page where you can subscribe, cancel, upgrade your plan or buy a gift for someone. CLICK HERE


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