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Car Wash automated or Hand Car Wash

Automated Car Wash

Our automated car wash is equipped with Sonny's Car Wash Factory machine with the latest technologies and features. Every year we do periodically upgrades to give our Customers the best experience the car wash industry can offer. 

From the beginning to the end every cleaning and drying process is automated and thanks to the great Lustra chemicals, we can proudly say that 95% of the cleaning and drying process is fully automated. The other 5% is left to the tunnel detailer to help the cleaning of the vehicle by hand when it's needed.

These technologies allow our facility to wash and dry up to 120 cars per hour.

Hand Car Wash

In our facility we hire car detailers and we train them from the old school car wash to the buffing. 

Even if the hand car wash seems a simple way to take care of the vehicle, it is not that easy when you have to wash many vehicles with different size and dirt.

Hand wash car
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