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Car Detailing - Hand Wash - Car interior Shampoo - Car Wax

At Poinciana delighting our Customers is important and our detailers follow periodical training to meet the best performances in terms of speed and quality.
We offer a wide range of detail services depending the average time required to perform the service.
Interiors Detailing are all the services focused on your interiors. It can be a simple vacuum with dust wiping up to a complete shampoo to remove dog hairs, stains or odors. For this interiors detailing there is no appointment needed, but we suggest appointment for the complete seats and carpets shampoo, because it takes from 45 minutes and up.
Full detailing are those car detailing that take from 1 hour and more (since the detailers start working on the vehicle), and includes carpets shampoo, interiors detailing and car waxing. No appointment is needed for these full car detailing but suggested. 
For Customer safety all the vehicles under detailing are checked in at the greeter station with free estimate, pre-existing damage report and license plate recording.
Before delivering any service, the detailers inspect with the Customer / driver to make sure that the vehicle detailed meets the Customer / driver expectations and the standards of the detail purchased. Once the vehicle leaves the shop, we do not feel anymore responsible for the vehicle, but we welcome the Customers to return back if they need further assistance.
Full Detail

Full Service and Detailing

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