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Poinciana Car Wash & Service - East Oakland Park Blvd.

Car Wash hours: Mon-Sat: 8am - 7pm Sun: 9am - 5pm   

Auto Repair: Mon: 10am - 4pm (Auto Repair Closed on Sundays)


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European Cars Synthetic Oil  $119.99 (+taxes)
with complimentary Full Service Car wash

Gallery of our location:

with our


Exterior car wash with Self vacuum stations


Full service car wash and professional car detailing


ASE Certified auto shop for maintenance and repair

Express Wash with 12 self vacuum

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Full Service and Detailing

Check out the video
We are the ONE STOP SHOP of Fort Lauderdale with car wash, oil change and other car maintenance needs (as brake service, A/C service, tune up and auto repair) for your vehicle with ASE Certified technicians. Any oil change and auto service is recorded in our software as guarantee of professional service like auto dealers with history report available anytime you want. We are also CARFAX trusted service shop (any maintanance service goes on CARFAX records). We are Certified Uber inspection and Lyft inspection. Our Customers can count on a complete auto care shop with experienced technicians to keep the vehicle in perfect shape and free car wash with oil change.

Our auto service is located 10 minutes from Las Olas area and downtown Fort Lauderdale driving thru Andrews Avenue (often no traffic).
Express Car Wash with self vacuum stations:
If you need an express car wash in Fort Lauderdale with free self vacuum we can give you the best car wash in 3 minutes. Our drive-thru tunnel car wash is equipped with the latest technology of the car wash industry. Our new partnership with Lustra Chemicals provides the best chemicals to get your car clean and shine thanks to their patent car wash process. We have 4 car wash packages from the basic car wash to the greatest car wash experience of Lustra MiraShield. Lustra Mirashield is a patent 5 steps shine process which mix a combination of high and low Ph soaps, waxes and sealant. This car wash includes also a great led lightning show during the 5 phases which brings the car wash experience to an amazing entertainment. Kids and adults love to take pictures and video of the show and post it on social media. 
Our great tunnel is the only car wash in Fort Lauderdale equipped also an automated machine that buff and dry the car and simultaneously applies tire shine. Thanks to this new machine our Customers can have a complete car wash and dry with no-wait.
Full Service Car Wash and Detailing center:
If you want more for your car, we have a bumper to bumper auto detailing deal with accurate interior cleaning, hand wash, clay treatment, car wax, high speed buffing, carpets and seats shampoo and engine clean.
Our detailing team is trained to please you from a simple interiors vacuum up to a paint correction. For those who have kids or pets in their vehicle, we suggest our thorough complete interior shampoo which includes a seats and carpets shampoo with vinyl detailing and conditioning. 
For defects on clear coat we have several solutions and we can bring you back the shine on your paint removing swirls, light scratches and fading paint due to the everyday use.
When do I need car detailing?
Deep dirt seated for long on your car may need something more then an express wash. When it rains, the pollution in the air falls on your clear coat and when the strong Florida sun comes out it dries it on the car leaving small oil marks; have you ever notice on white cars those small black spots even after a car wash? that it's pollution that if left on the car will start fading the clear coat.
If you want to preserve your investment you can come by and ask us to remove it and get back the shine.
Picking up your kids from the baseball court day after day can make your car very dirty, specially of you mix it with a snack dropped on the floor and your wet dog. Our complete seats and carpet shampoo is the solution to get your interiors cleaned and smelling good. With our package we will do a thorough clean of upholstery, marks removal from the vin, dog hair removal and spotless windows cleaning. 
Auto Service and Auto Repair center:
Our vehicles are an investment and good maintenance is the best way to keep it for long. Starting from a good motor oil your engine will have the right lubrication on high temperatures to perform at its best on your working days. You can easily find online several studies of how a periodical oil change service can save you up to 10% on fuel expenses. We offer most of the motor oil brands like Castrol oil, Mobil oil, Pennzoil and others. Find places for oil change in Fort Lauderdale it's easy, but Poinciana Car Wash and Service is the only one to offer oil change with car wash and interior clean everyday of the week.
Our Oil Change service includes a 30 points vehicle inspection, fluids top off, computer resetting and report on carfax records. Further with our Synthetic motor oil deals we include also full service car wash.
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